Why Choose An Electric Fireplace

Why Choose An Electric Fireplace

With so many choices avalible for your new fireplace, from traditional fireplaces to modern fireplaces, here are some reasons electric fireplaces are the future.


Relax and enjoy, No maintenance needed 

Are you looking for something easy and reliable to maintain? Electric fireplaces are the way to go! Gas fires require regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure there running correctly, but with electric fireplaces there is no need.

Flame only without heat.

Electric fireplaces can be used with just the flame effect and no heat. Enjoy watching the multicolour flames all year round even in the hot summer months.


Efficency is key

Electric fireplaces are 100% efficent, you dont loose any heat through the chimney keeping your room warmer for longer staying nice and toastie!


Different styles 

There are a lot of styles avalible when it comes to electric fireplaces, Wall mounted, 3 sided, Recessed, Linear, Freestanding and much more please contact our team who can find the perfect electric fireplace for your needs sales@firefly-direct.com 


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