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Westfire Uniq 32 Inset Wide Wood Stove

Westfire Uniq 32 Inset Wide Wood Stove

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A elegant, space-saving answer to heating your home is offered by the Westfire Uniq 32 Inset Wide Wood Stove .

Perfect for the average sized room, the Westfire Uniq 32 Inset Wide Frame has a heat output of up to 5.9kw. The latest Clean burn technology means that it has a high efficiency of 82% and is able to distribute more heat out into the room, rather than lose it up the chimney.

The large glass window is kept clean and clear by the powerful air wash system to ensure that you always have excellent views of the beautiful flames within and a Closed Combustion Adapter is included as standard to allow air to be brought into the chamber directly from outside, eliminating the need for an air vent.

The Uniq 32’s wide frame enhances its simple attractiveness, and its “widescreen” glass window gives off the impression of an open fire for those seeking the ideal feature wall centrepiece or for those who have restricted floor space.

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