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Westfire Uniq 26 Compact Wood Stove

Westfire Uniq 26 Compact Wood Stove

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With an extra-large glass area that provides a stunning fire view and a Danish stove that burns wood efficiently and cleanly, the Westfire Uniq 26 Compact Wood Stove is ideal for modern life.

The Uniq 26 woodburning stove is a slim sleek design with a flush-fitting stainless steel handle. The Westfire Uniq 26 Compact allows for the full fire view, but with a shorter bottom section. As a result, even if your height in the fireplace opening is limited, you can still enjoy the large glass.

Westfire is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality wood burning stoves with a base in Varde, Denmark. The company is known for creating wood stoves with attractive, straightforward designs.

The closed combustion adapter is necessary if you choose to use the closed combustion option.

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